NumberGym Maths

A comprehensive package of Primary Maths modules from Foundation to Key Stage 2 plus a small KS3 Geometry module. A perfect complement to Elmwood’s textbooks.

Bond Builder, Table Trainer and Mental Maths Challenge
This is where students acquire their number bond and multiplication table facts, and a set of mental arithmetic strategies.
Drag the cards to their answer disks. Can you sort them in one minute to be Lightning Fast?  When you can you are ready for the next level.
NumberGym supplies student logins and saves student progress at school or at home, on PC, laptop or tablet. Teachers can easily view students’ progress online at any time. When a student logs in they can see their Lighning Fast and Quick Thinking icons and carry on from where they left off.

Early Maths – Foundation and Key Stage 1
Explore number and pattern through clear images: dot patterns, number rods, stick patterns, counters and pattern blocks. The software has been designed for use alongside physical sticks, counters and pattern blocks and encourages the use of language to describe and compare number shape and pattern.

The Number Gym: Key Stages 1 and 2
The Number Gym contains roughly 75 separate programs. Each one is age-neutral and displays clear, simple mathematical images without distractions enabling teachers to teach the concepts and offer a range of engaging challenges, games and investigations. Ideal for interactive whiteboards.

NumberGym Geometry : Key Stage 3
These activities are brilliant on interactive whiteboards and can be used for whole classes, small groups or individual tuition. Topics include the four transformations (with challenges), interactive circle geometry, understanding basic trigonometry with an interactive triangle and powerful yet easy-to-use graphing tools allowing students to create and compare all major graph types, including the trig functions.

Maths Art : All Ages
Some people are drawn to mathematics because of an attraction to numbers, others are attracted to the patterns that underpin mathematical ideas.  The initial attraction of these programs is the visual appeal of artistic imagery. Discover the underlying geometrical properties that give the images their structure.

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Our annual subscription prices (excluding VAT):

Up to 10 student logins: £24
11 to 350 student logins: £95
351 to 525 student logins: £145
525 to 700 student logins: £195

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